Anonymous asked:


caribbean-eyed-monster answered:


Who is louder? 

  • Oh man. I kinda feel like the situation varies, depending on who is on top/bottom, the kink play, all that jazz. But mostly, Eren. He’s vocal.

Who is more experimental? 

  • Levi probably. Eren WANTS to try things but he’s embarrassed to ask. 

Who takes more risks? 

  • Proooobably Levi, for the same reason stated above. 

Do they fuck or make love?

  • Depends on the context. Mostly they fuck, but sometimes they make love. 

Lights on or off? 

  • I don’t even think they think about lights. If they are on, they are. If not then they aren’t. 

Who is more likely to be caught masturbating?  

  • Eren, when he gets into it, he doesn’t pay attention to his surroundings. 

Who comes first? 

  • Probably Eren since he’s inexperienced and Levi is just so sexy to him. But he tries to have Levi come first, especially when Levi is on the bottom.

Who is better at oral and who prefers it? 

  • I would say Levi is probably better at it which, in turn, makes Eren prefer it. But Levi loves the way Eren tries, it’s cute to him. 

Who is more submissive? 

  • I WOULD say Eren but sometimes my Eren can be a sadistic little shit. Depends on the situation really. Even if Levi is a power bottom. 

Who usually initiates things? 

  • Eren hints at it but Levi takes the first step. Usually. Sometimes Eren gets ballsy~

Who is more sensitive?

  • I would say they are actually very equal on that. Though Eren might be a biiiit more simply because he is inexperienced.