Modern AU where Levi and Eren are both teenagers. Levi’s a year older, avoided for his stoicism, and has a job at one of the fast food places down the street from school.

Eren needs a job and applies there not knowing the upperclassman works there-He’s put under Levi to learn how to work the…


ererihan asked:

Do you know of a fic where Eren is homeless and (i think) Levi owns a mattress store? Or maybe he was just a store owner.. Eren was sick and hiding in the store and Levi found him and took him back to either Erwin or Hanji's place. Agh, this is all i can remember. I've been looking for it but i can't find it. I'm sorry if it's already on your blog 0_0 Thanks for the help! Xx

fuckyeahererifanfic answered:

I know exactly the fic that you’re looking for, It’s a fic I love. Here you go friend! x ^.^

I’ll Cover You 
Summary: Levi is a young, wealthy mall owner. He likes to go about his daily routine with little to no interruptions, but when his friend Erwin informs him of customer complaints regarding a young, grungy-looking boy, Levi will soon find his life being flipped upside down as he unwillingly begins to involve himself in the young boy’s life.




Omg okay what if Eren and Levi are slowly making out, caressing each other as they pull their clothing off and thinking “hell yeah tonight we’re going to make sweet passionate love” and as they’re heading to their bedroom, leaving clothes all on the floor from the living room, hallway to their room; hanji bursts in the door asking if they’re home..causing the mood to be ruined and their cocks feeling neglected